Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Ex Purgatorium

Fear (noun), the unsettling sensation of being under threat by someone…or…something. It is the word that describes the experience of those that dare step into the foreboding unknown.

The void between this world and the next—the source of the most enigmatic nightmares—is the home of the spectral agents dwelling in the shadows we see every day.

We may not see them.
We may not hear them.
But they are here.

The first of the Tales of Mr. Fenix – “Ex Purgatorium”, details the accounts of several characters as these experience the supernatural forces behind various folkloric myths and legends. From the Latin American “La Llorona” to the French “Tarasque”, no specter will miss its chance to make your acquaintance.

Dare to explore what is beyond the abyss.